How to Choose your Hose?

When you choose hose from Jumboflex, here are the tips for you, S.T.A.M.P.
Remember the important information. Size, Temperature, Application, Material,
and Pressure (STAMP) steps to ensure you have the most suitable hose for you.

Size / I.D, O.D and Length
You are familiar with the following two measurements, the inner diameter (I.D.) and the outside diameter (O.D.).
I.D or O.D normally depend on the connect part on your equipment. Right size will be more productive and can maintain adequate flow.
Jumboflex offers I.D size from 2mm to 406mm (16”). For the size smaller than 25mm (1”), please click “Industrial Tubes” from the products list.
*All types of hose should also be considered of tolerance.
Temperature has a great influence on the service life and working pressure of the hose.
The temperature of the media conveyed through the hose is more important than the ambient temperature.
It is not recommended to use it within high temperature range of the hose.
For example, the temperature range of PVC hose is -10°C to +70°C, so we suggest that the temperature you transport is lower than 55°C.
If you need a high temperature hose, please click "High Temperature Ventilation Hose" from the product list.
Now, we are going to talk about the environment.
Where will the hose be used? What kind of media you will need to convey? What construction you want?
Here we separate “Pharmaceutical and food hose”, “flexible suction hose”“abrasion resistant suction hose”“Antistatic and Electrically conductive” and “Applications Area for you. 
Not sure what’s suitable for you? Please email
The material of the hose decides the temperature range and properties of the hose.
If you know you just want a certain material of hose, please use our search blank at the top of our website.

High temperature and critical environment will reduce the pressure capacity of hoses. 
And please make sure there is not suck while vacuum.
Also, frequent pressure spikes can reduce the life of hose.
Not sure our pressure capacity of hoses? We can prepare sample for you.
Feel free to contact us.
We will make our effort to give you the best!